Thanks to Pi(e) Day

Thanks to Pi(e) Day

pie girl

There is something about pies.  My husband loves them.  If I never ate another pie I’d be alright with that.  But I especially don’t love making pies.  And I’m really not sure why.  Now chocolate… that’s another story!

Yesterday – Pi Day (check the date…. 3/14) – we were invited to a Pi(e) Potluck.  I was reluctant to make a pie and thought of other ideas, but in the end I settled on a couple of recipes to try and, with my sweet little helper (above), set to work.  Then I had this crazy inspiration – I’d master pies – flaky crust and all!

One pie a week, fifty-two pies per year, sounds like a reasonably small challenge that will accomplish two fairly big goals: become a pie expert and bring great epicurean pleasure to one hard-working guy!  Well, maybe not every week.  But definitely more often.

This weeks’ pies – chocolate pecan and flaky pear!  So maybe there will be a few pies to post on here once in a while.


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