• Council of the Wolves
  • Council of the Wolves Council of the Wolves Council of the Wolves

Within days of the bobcat sighting we saw wolves.  In one day, ten wolves passed by on the ice in front of our house – a group of four and a little later a group of six – all heading east.   Later still that day we saw six wolves farther out on the lake, presumably the last group of six we’d seen, heading across to Minnesota.   The following day we saw four smaller, skinnier looking wolves pass by to the east.  One stopped directly in front of the house and howled.   We howled back.  Again, a wolf backtracked but farther out and heading toward Minnesota.  We could see he was howling so we opened the balcony door and could faintly hear his howl and more faintly, his pack-mates replies.

We went down on the ice to do some detective work.  It seemed like wolves converged from all directions and held a council in front of our boat launch.  From there they headed off in different directions.  Who knows?  Makes me want to learn more about wolf behaviour.

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