The roar of the waves is loud this morning. The ice chunks crashing against the shore amplify the sound even more than usual.  I didn’t get out of bed until 8 o’clock.  I dozed in and out of sleep to two little girls coming into and then leaving my bed.  From downstairs I could hear the clanging of the milk pail and compost bucket as Gabe, Ben, and Noah prepared to head out for goat milking, and Zach went out to fuel the fire and walk the dog. For a time only the stampeding feet of little girls and the sounds of  their swords slicing the air in a battle against dragons drifted in and out of my consciousness. I lay there enjoying the kicks of this babe in my womb and sleepily pondered the wonder if it all – this miracle of life, my older children diligently about their morning chores while their mom lounged in bed, the creative dialogue and dragon fight going on in the next room, the fact that the baby was still asleep.  That thought helped me out of my sleepy reverie enough to realize that if I wanted that morning shower I’d better do it now!

Some time ago we decided to set aside Saturdays to rest.  The kids guard these days with a fervour.  It really is something for us all to look forward to.  Aside from the necessary daily chores (animals, dishes, etc.) there is no agenda.  Games are played, books are read, relaxing is done.  It was hard for me to do at first, but with some discipline I’ve come to enjoy it and find such refreshment in a day to relax.  We are flexible about what “rest” means.  If Dad is free and everyone wants to go down hill skiing then that is what they do for rest.  One winter, for a period of time,  it meant the whole family got outside to clear and burn brush.  Some days for the kids it means a massive game of Magic the Gathering or Settlers of Catan or playing violin or Lego all day.  I admit there are some Saturdays for me that mean I catch up on all sorts of things because the week got too busy. But I’m getting better at keeping the weeks manageable, planning ahead for a day of rest, at accepting the work is never done and letting it sit for a day, and at acknowledging that after a restful day I’m all the more ready to plunge in again on Sunday morning. Anyway, maybe I’ll get back to what Saturdays mean for our family another time.  What I really was getting to was today.  What is happening today?


The turn of the calendar to a new year always signals the onset of gardening fever for Zach. This morning he just finished up preparing a small online order of seeds he forgot on the first main order.  All I had to do was pay the bills and all the seeds are now ordered!  Next up…. tree orders.

Notice that small hand checking out the tools!

Notice that small hand checking out the tools!


Gabe pulled out CIA Lock Picking and a lock picking tool kit that the boys received as a Christmas gift and started working on that.


Ben and Noah were setting up a Magic game which just drew in the two big brothers.  The four boys will be occupied with that for a while.

DSC_0046  DSC_0056 DSC_0057

Katie and Danica are doing crafts and drawing at their desk in the basement.  Esmée is scooting around looking for her missing “foo” (shoe) and asking to “see-see” whenever I take a photo. Update: The girls are now having a tea party with real mint tea, honey, and milk. They are also making “soup” with water and thyme and basil. I think I heard that Katie is adding honey to her soup.  Esmée is napping.  Everyone is peaceful.

I’m writing something for my blog. This hasn’t happened in a while and each time it does I keep saying I want to do it with more regularity.  Well, we shall see.  One post at a time.  A few things on my Rest Day list ……. practice piano duet that Gabe and I are learning, practice cello, get through some of my list of things to look up online, do the next part of the DVD guitar course I just started with Noah, get the kids to help me chop pizza toppings, and then, if I feel like it’s relaxing to do, I just might fold a basket of laundry and tidy up the aftermath of our big day out skating and visiting yesterday!

The aftermath

The aftermath

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