Herban-C Raspberry Fizz

Herban-C Raspberry Fizz

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For the past several months we’ve been experimenting a lot more with fermented foods.  I’ve had a dabbling interest in this for years and have seasonally made the standard sauerkraut and dills. Sometimes I’m really slow at incorporating new things into life even when I really want to!  Since fall we’ve had a steady rotation of either goat or cow milk kefir going, water kefir (which I’m currently trying to “rehabilitate”), Zach has been making regular batches of fermented salsa (delicious!), and I’ve been having fun with fermented beverages!  I’d like to share some of the fermenting adventures here.

Some modifications made to recipe on March 1/15

Herban-C Raspberry Fizz

In a large jar dissolve:

2 L of hot water

6 T Herban-C Tea Mix from the Bulk Herb Store

Steep for 30 min.  Strain and add:

1 cup honey and stir until dissolved (I will try half this amount next time)

1 L water (Next time I will try 2 L)

Frozen raspberries (about 3 cups)

When mixture has cooled completely add a starter.

In this case I used one probiotic capsule – Primal Defense by Garden of Life

Cover the jar with a cloth or loose lid.  Sit on counter for two days or until you see little carbon bubbles forming (you might have to look closely).  Strain into empty soda bottles or other sealable container.  (Beware of using glass.  I’m not brave enough to attempt to regulate the pressure in a glass container.)  Leave on counter until the pressure builds in the bottle.  In a plastic bottle you will be able to feel it becomes very firm.  Place in fridge. Drink at your leisure. 

We drank this today and it was the family-favourite fermented drink so far!  

Current brew – Marshmallow Elderberry Ginger Cold-Soothing Fizz.  It might need a shorter name.  I’ll share the steps and results here in a few days!




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