A Late Night with Dickens

It seems like we have a one hour drive to everywhere.  If we head south across the border to the nearest town of notable size (a town with a grocery store) it takes an hour.  If we head north to the city it takes an hour.  If we head west to visit good friends it takes an hour.  When we go to skating (different direction) it takes an hour.  You get my drift.  Now, some of these destinations take a little under an hour but if we always plan on an hour we are more likely to be there on time.  This means that anywhere we go we have two hours (or slightly under) in the truck.  This might seem like a real loss of time, but we listen to so much good stuff while we’re driving.  It always feels like time well spent.

The latest addition to our audio library was the Focus on the Family radio drama of Oliver Twist.  We were all absorbed in the story so much that when we’d arrive at our destination or home we’d linger longer in the truck just to hear a bit more.  On Friday we returned home at a particularly suspensful part of the story with no plans to drive anywhere in almost a week! I couldn’t bear it.  I pulled the book off the shelf and lucky for me the next day was Saturday – a day we’ve been setting aside to be purposefully restful – and I read, read, read Oliver Twist in every moment I could get.  By 11:30pm I was satisfied because I was finished.

This is why I rarely read fiction!  When it’s good I’m not good at stopping.  And every day is not a Saturday.  Now I have to make sure not to spoil anything for the kids!

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