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This little sweetheart is already one year old (plus a month).






This season is so abundant, so full of promise and hope and splendour!  The project list exceeds the available time in the day, excitement of discovery and for new plans runs high.  They days are full and overflowing.  Hearts are full and happy and grateful.  Bodies are refreshed, worked, and then fatigued in that wonderful way of fresh air and sunshine and physical exertion.

Over the course of April and now into May I’ve thought many times about different things I’d like to blog, but there were too many other things calling for my attention!  Add to that some computer and internet difficulties.  Today I’ll try to do a little recap with mostly photos and a few words!


A hike from our house to a secluded little harbour on the Lake Superior for a picnic and good time with friends.  (Oh, and one accidental slip with a knife that quickly ended the festivities and required stitches. I don’t think I’ll post photos of the home-stitching that took place back at the house. I don’t think Noah has even gotten up the courage to see what his hand looked like in that process yet.)

DSC_0041 DSC_0043

DSC_0046 DSC_0048

The birthday duo!

DSC_0039 (1)

After five months of telling me what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday – changing almost weekly – Katie finally settled on “chocolate raspberry” and Noah agreed.  I made a ganache icing and used fresh raspberries and already we’ve had requests for the same cake for future birthdays. :-)



Kingfisher watching and clam shell collecting at the river mouth.








Two of our does gave birth to a total of three beautiful, healthy bucklings.  I enjoyed the goat “midwifery” part of the process, but I hate disbudding the little guys.  I have to redo two of them in the next couple of days.


Does it get any cuter than this?


We recently learned how to tan our own hides!

It’s hard to decide which photos to include because I have so many that I love!  I’m working on getting my Flickr uploads happening regularly without eating up our bandwidth!

Happy May long weekend!





  • Council of the Wolves
  • Council of the Wolves Council of the Wolves Council of the Wolves

Within days of the bobcat sighting we saw wolves.  In one day, ten wolves passed by on the ice in front of our house – a group of four and a little later a group of six – all heading east.   Later still that day we saw six wolves farther out on the lake, presumably the last group of six we’d seen, heading across to Minnesota.   The following day we saw four smaller, skinnier looking wolves pass by to the east.  One stopped directly in front of the house and howled.   We howled back.  Again, a wolf backtracked but farther out and heading toward Minnesota.  We could see he was howling so we opened the balcony door and could faintly hear his howl and more faintly, his pack-mates replies.

We went down on the ice to do some detective work.  It seemed like wolves converged from all directions and held a council in front of our boat launch.  From there they headed off in different directions.  Who knows?  Makes me want to learn more about wolf behaviour.

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